Today, at an event in Sheffield, Independent Labour Publications relaunched their redeveloped WordPress website.

Tweet announcing the redeveloped site

Screenshot of the redeveloped ILP website

The new WordPress templates have been painstakingly developed by a long standing partner member of Webarchitects Co-operative, Mina Neilson.

The old site was also running WordPress but it hadn’t been updated for many years. Webarchitects sysadmins migrated the site from the 1&1 server it was hosted on, upgraded it, moved WordPress from the /main/ sub-directory it was in and then passed it over to Mina to work on the templates and other updates.

Once the updates were ready to be made live the process of copying the live site had to be repeated since new content had been added, and the URL’s needed to be fixed to work via HTTPS and we also ensured that all the old URLs would be redirected so people wouldn’t get 404’s when following old links.

The migration and upgrading was made a lot easier thanks to the WordPress command line interface, this is something that all our clients can optionally have access to with SSH access to our shared hosting servers.

Other sites that we host that have had templates developed by Mina include our oldest client The European Services Strategy Unit and William Morris House.

Written by Chris