2019 Spring Gathering in Sheffield of co-operatives in CoTech

Webarchitects are pleased to be hosting the next gathering of a network of tech co-ops across the UK and beyond. CoTech was formed to grow the interaction and work between co-operators, to nurture an increase in the common wealth (and fun) between them. The thirty-plus member co-ops are focussed on a wide variety of internet/tech/arts […]

libreho.st international gathering

A friend from a project started over 15 years ago, pointed me at the Libre Hosters gathering in Amsterdam so, I thought, hey! that sounds interesting. I joined the irc chat room, and before long booked tickets to Amsterdam. Travelling by Eurostar would have been fun, but sadly it was twice the price, and would […]

Civil conversation

The Government’s new Civil Society Strategy consultation includes co-operatives – because they’re part of ‘civil society’ in the Westminster mindset. With half-hearted approval, Co-ops UK notes that “where co-ops are going in terms of platforms, social action and worker control is too radical for DCMS [Department of Culture, Media & Sport] just now. “The Strategy […]

Her Majesty’s Government snooping update

Challenges continue against the UK government’s mass interception programme, originally revealed by Edward Snowden. The European Court of Human Rights has found it contrary to rights to privacy, and freedom of expression. The new Investigatory Powers Act 2016 (IPA) allows the Secretary of State alone to issue ‘warrants’ for deep data-mining (even by other nations’ […]